Severance and property taxes

Guerilla guerilla at
Mon Aug 4 10:38:47 EST 1997

|Joseph Zorzin wrote:

|> We have enough land in America for both wilderness and tree farms, so
|> where's the beef? <G>

They havent discussed the Libertarian beef.  That would center on private 
property.  The foundation of a capitalist system.  There isnt enough of it.  
Personally, while the land still belongs to the govt, I call for a moritorium 
on all mining and logging.  But I also advocate selling land to pay the 
national debt.

Are you free?

Do you own your body?  Can you prostitute yourself, sell your organs, or
medicate yourself?  Do you own your labor?  Can you work for any wage
you want, whatever hours you want, and keep the fruits of your sweat?

Do you own your possessions?  Can the terms of your property ownership
be changed at any time, or for any reason?  Can your property be taxed
without limitation?

Can you travel freely?  Must you carry identification papers for you and your
property, submit to search without warrant, cause, or recourse?

There is a spectrum upon which lie two endpoints.  One point is slavery, and
at the other end:  FREEDOM.

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