Severance and property taxes

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Aug 5 04:59:15 EST 1997

Guerilla wrote:

> They havent discussed the Libertarian beef.  That would center on private
> property.  The foundation of a capitalist system.  There isnt enough of it.
> Personally, while the land still belongs to the govt, I call for a moritorium
> on all mining and logging.  But I also advocate selling land to pay the
> national debt.

OK, nice theory, only you will find few takers. The problem
libertarianism is that before long we'd be back in the Middle Ages. One
percent of the ultra rich would own 99% of the land, live in mansions
and the rest of us would live in mud huts. And that is what happens when
you don't have government around to restrain the ultra fucking greed of
the most powerful individuals. So how would you like living in a mud
hut- because you just might not be one of those top 1%.

As it is right now, the richest 5% families in America own 95% of the

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