Severance and property taxes

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>What you say is probably true for the west but not for the east
>(excluding the southeast pine forests) where MOST land has in the past
>been raped and pillaged countless times and has never seen a forester at

I've been careful to qualify my posts with statements like "our western
low-elevation coniferous forests", and "of course I'm not speaking of
monospecific forests like the lodgepole forests of the Rockies".  While
I haven't said specifically that I'm not speaking of eastern deciduous
forests, I should hope that the fact that I've been specific as to
which forest type I am speaking of made it clear???

I'm well aware one can't extrapolate the ecology of one forest type
to another, nor necessarily one management technique from one to the
other expecting the same scale of ecological effect.

>But I agree that in the west we should preserve and protect MUCH of the
>remaining old growth and some of the government owned land should be
>left to turn into old growth in areas of high visibility, or where
>necessary to protect water bodies.

Thank you.  

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