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Wed Aug 6 02:07:00 EST 1997

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Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote:
> Gerry Lawson wrote:
> > Larry Caldwell, Bill MacDonald and Don Staples are concerned that my
> > proposal to try to increase, through moderation,  the proportion of
> > agroforestry traffic on the agroforestry newsgroup!  Larry and Don in
> > particular have been very active contributors to this newsgroup, and I
> > hesitate to be critical.

I waited a week for Gerry's post to make it to my site, but it never 
showed up.  Sorry for not responding, Gerry, but all I've seen is what
Don quoted in his reply.  Feel free to be critical.  I'm not one of those
people who lives or dies by public debate.  It's quite possible for 
people to honestly disagree.

My biggest concern is that the other forestry groups will not pass the
newgroup vote in news.groups.  There's certainly never been enough traffic
in bionet.agroforestry to generate that many yes votes.  I've seen the
posts on agroforestry, which seems to me to be a very specific technique
of intercropping trees and whatever on the same patch of ground.  At this
point it seems to be a very experimental technique.  I may have missed it,
but I've never seen a post by a person who was actually making a living

In my world things tend to be much more stressful and rowdy.  In the USA
we have an Endangered Species Act that institutes strict protection of
species threatened with extinction.  On my property I have had one, the
Columbia White Tailed Deer, which has recovered nicely and is on the verge
of being upgraded from endangered to merely threatened.  A creek that runs
through my property is also tributary to a river that contains a brand new
endangered species, the cutthroat trout.

You've probably seen the crossposts about salmon recovery, stream buffers,
riparian zones and habitat enhancement.  These things are the real world
challenges I'm working around right now.  After some severe floods and fatal
slides last winter, the state has also banned logging on steep slopes.  I
really need a forum where I can discuss the concerns of the small forest
operator.  Right now, bionet.agroforestry is the only forestry related 
news group anywhere on usenet.

I think you can see my concern.  Rather than narrowing the subject matter
under discussion, I would like to see it widened.  I've crossposted to some
regional discussion groups, because like it or not, forestry has become
a political football.  Policy ends up being made on the opinions of urban
dwellers who have never even talked to a person who raises and harvests

If and when the new forestry groups pass, I will cheerfully cease all
agitation, and leave this group strictly to agroforesters.  For the 
moment, that's not possible.

The nekkid cheerleader posts are just trash, and I kill them without 
reading.  Now that is under the Usenet Death Penalty, many of 
the spam posts will disappear anyway.

-- Larry

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