Low Impact Logging

John Schulte schulte at netshop.net
Thu Aug 7 23:34:02 EST 1997

From: John Schulte at: schulte at netshop.net

I have built and been using a low impact harvesting system that uses a 1/2" 
cable to bring logs up to and onto a truck or trailer, by which they are then 
forwarded to roadside, landing, or directly to the mill.

The cable can easily be pulled out 100', or up to 250' in some situations.  
Logs are brought in atthe rate of up to 200'/minute.  The trees are cut to 
length at the stump and brought in several at a time, or in single pieces up 
to 24" in diameter.

Obstacles are avoided and trees are given lift by using a break-away block.  
This block is fastened to a tree with a sling.  When the logs reach the block 
it releases from the tree and comes in with the logs, so no time is spent 
retrieving the block.  The combination of processed logs and the break-away 
block make thinning and selection harvesting much easier, and logs are easily 
grouped and brought through narrow openings.

An overhead beam is used to lift the butts of the logs up over the existing 
load, allowing wood to be stacked several feet deep on the deck, to within one 
foot of the beam.

By anchoring the machine logs can be brought in at 90 degrees to the road or trail.

Hauling the wood up off the ground offers many benefits.  With less impact on 
roads and trails,
machines can:
	move more wood
	negotiate uphill more easily
	use less fuel
	move wood faster
	move wood longer distances
	handle sharper turns.

Self-dumping is accomplished by lifting the wood and rolling it off the side in 
piles up to 5' high.  This is very quick and allows for faster turn-around times.

Possible versions of the machine:
	off-road trailer pulled by 80+ HP tractor, hauling up to four cords
	on-road trailer pulled by one-ton truck or larger
	off-road forwarder
	deck on five-ton truck
	deck on tandem highway truck.

I am hoping to find out what kind of market there would be for a low-impact 
harvesting system like this. You could help me by filling out any applicable 
questions on the market assessment below, and sending it back to me at:
	schulte at netshop.net

Thank you.

QUESTIONNAIRE FORM 3.0 - Product Survey

State the nature of your business or role:
__ forestry			__ logging
__ consultant			__ educator
__ farmer			__ salesperson
__ other ________________________________

What are the primary benefits you are looking for when purchasing logging equipment?

What are the primary benefits you are looking for when you recommend logging equipment?

When purchasing or recommending logging equipment, what features are of most concern to
you? (Please rank, 1 being most important.)
__ convenience			__ environmental impact
__ product quality		__ ease of training
__ price			__ reliability
__ versatility			__ other (please specify_____________________________

What would make you decide to select one piece of equipment over another?

How often would you purchase or recommend logging equipment?

Where would you look for it or expect to buy it?
__ equipment shows
__ dealership, (please give example of dealer name) ________________________________
__ industrial supply catalogue (please give example) ________________________________
__ direct from manufacturer
__ other (please specify) _______________________________________________________

On each buying occasion of log moving equipment, how many units would you purchase?

How often would you purchase?

What is the average price per unit you pay for log moving equipment? _____________________

How do you usually hear about logging equipment?  (Please rank your choices, 1 being the
most usual source of information.)
__ newspapers			__ trade magazines
__ TV				__ Internet
__ word of mouth		__ trade shows
__ radio			__ salespeople
__ other (please specify) _________________________________________

What advantages or possible benefits do you see in HiSkid over other log moving equipment?

What disadvantages or possible concerns do you see?

What would HiSkid be best suited for?

Any questions?

Do you have a need for a product such as ours?
__ immediately			__ within next year
__ sometime in the future	__ not at all

Do you believe there is a need for products such as this?
__ immediately			__ within next year
__ sometime in the future	__ not at all

What would you expect to pay for HiSkid as a:
 off-road forwarder $_____________________ highway truck $______________________
 trailer $______________________________ deck unit on its own $_________________

What is your purchasing budget for this year?
__ $0 - 50,000			__ $50,000 - 100,000
__ $100,000 - 200,000		__ over $200,000

What do you consider to be competing equipment?

What competing firms' equipment are you currently using?

What type of activities do you participate in?

Where do you live?

What is the population of your town?

What is your occupation?

What level of education do you have?
__ high school			__ university/college diploma
__ some college/university	__ university degree
__ trade school diploma	__ journeyman ___________________________________

How old are you?
__ 20-30			__ 31-40			__ 41-50
__ 51-60			__ 61+


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