Lowe's Lumber

Michael Hagen mhagen at mail.olympus.net
Fri Aug 8 16:31:59 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Thomas Kellar wrote:
> >
> > In a Lowe's store ad I received the other day I found a statement
> > on the last page that reads:
> >
> >     Top Choice(tm) products are harvested from
> >     sustainable working forest by environmentally
> >     responsible foresters
> >
> > It was an ad for "Pressure Treated" boards from Top Choice
> > Lumber Products.
> >
> > Of course, I looked them up on various Internet search engines
> > and could not find Top Choice.  I am wondering if anyone had
> > opinion of them or experience with them.  Thanks.
> >
> Politically correct lumber? Not a bad idea, but I wonder if they can
> prove it. <G>

Proving it and by whose standards; aye there's the rub. 
The bare beginnings of third party sustainability (substitute "green",
eco or your favorite prefix) certification are underway.  Several major
hardware warehouse chains (Home Depot and Ernst, i think) have used
certification as incentive for suburbanites to buy their 2x4s. 
Furniture made from tropical hardwoods was the first to claim
sustainable harvest rather than wildland harvest.  It worked for them. 
Now Weyerhauser has begun calling its wood certifiably grown.
Technically they're correc, but their even aged management is not what
was originally meant by the first sponsors of woods certification.

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