Severance and property taxes

Charles Samuels arktika at
Fri Aug 8 11:17:10 EST 1997

Thomas Kellar wrote:
> I'd much rather trust our present government than large multinational
> corporations such as Shell Oil, Conoco, the Peabody Holding Co, etc.
> Of course, since our present method of representation is 1 dollar, 1
> vote, I do not get much of a vote.

The problem is not multinational companies.  It is the power of corrupt
government to give unfair advantages to select companies or industries
and thereby eliminate competition.  As was noted with the remark about 1
dollar, 1 vote.  It is only through government that such distortions are

If you want to see the results of socialism, go to Russia and see what
they have done to that country.  I'll take capitalism anytime and admire
the ability and guts of anyone who manages to attain super rich status.
If you want to be rich, get off your rear.

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