Severance and property taxes

Bob Tiernan zulu at
Sun Aug 10 03:17:56 EST 1997

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> The problem libertarianism is that before long we'd be back in the
> Middle Ages.

What an absurd conclusion.

> One percent of the ultra rich would own 99% of the land, live in
> mansions and the rest of us would live in mud huts. And that is what
> happens when you don't have government around to restrain the ultra
> fucking greed of the most powerful individuals. 

And it continues!  Well, at that point I believe there'd be
a revolution, with the mud-hut dwellers winning.  

You also don't address the fact that the greediest, richest, and
most powerful entity on earth is the United States government.

> As it is right now, the richest 5% families in America own 95% 
> of the wealth.

And this has happened in our mixed and controlled economy, which
has been implemented piece by piece, program by program, in order
to prevent the result you complain about.  Now how did that happen?

Bob T.

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