What is agroforestry? Well...

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon Aug 11 10:54:49 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:
> Both Don and Larry have asked about agroforestry.  Well let me tell
> you.  Agroforestry is growing trees and crops on the same unit of land,
> generally at the same time. 

(snipped a logical and resonable commentary)

I have tongue firmly in cheek when I ask about "agroforestry", but
haven't the where with all to post such a sight.  My point is that it is
still growing trees, walnut, red oak, what ever, and a second crop of
some biological form (in Texas it has been a practice for some citizens
to plant a little weed in pine plantations, usually on burned wind rows,
to augment their income off the other guys land.  I wonder, would that
be agro-forestry?  TFIC).

Agriculture is the root of both forestry and "agroforestry", I fail to
comprehend the very thin line dividing the two.  If an individual want
to grow petunias, potatos or pigs with his trees, I'll work up the plan
for them,,,,, calling in, of course, petunia/potato/pig specialists as
Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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