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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Mon Aug 11 17:51:18 EST 1997

Timber Trade Federation wrote:
> henry barker wrote:
> >
> > Here in NZ we grow Pinus radiata in a wide spaced trees on pasture
> > situation amongst other approaches
> > This produces a quality but log but not much else of any real value
> > Pruning is critical often the window of opitunity is very narrow
> > oftern 6 - 9 months for each pruning lift to keep the defect core to a
> > acceptiable level
> >
> > My queation is what can be done in the realm of hardwoods
> > Less head more logs ?
> > what is wood quality like ??
> > Species like eucalypts acacias shoria (merantai ?)
> > Teak mahoganey ect

In any open stand frequent prunning is the only way to "push" the stem
up for clearer butt log lengths.  Rule of thumb we use on walnut and
other high value species is to prune to keep half the stem in limbs, 
from about when the tree reaches 20 foot or so in heigth, and annually. 
Early spring prunning tends to let the limb scar heal faster.
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