Midwest Stumpage Prices.

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Aug 14 14:53:54 EST 1997

As a consulting forester I subscrib to many price trends reports.  The
following is straight from west of the Mississippi wood lands.

Joseph, how does this compare to the east?

International 1/4" scale. Price per thousand on saw logs.  Weighted
average price.

White oak veneer logs:  $880
basswood	$240
Black Walnut	$595
Cottonwood	$50
Hackberry	$160
Hard Maple	$180
Hickory	$65
Mixed Hardwoods	$75
Oak (mixed)	$120
Red oak (group)	$155
S Yellow Pine $130  (I'm getting $435 (doyle) in Texas)
Soft Maple	$95	
White oak (group) $160

The time on this was April-June.  The report indicated consultant
offered sales were way off previous months, and only state sales pumped
the market.  This report is for Missouri, where approximately half the
state is in timber.  Interesting enough, black walnet vaneer logs showed
no sales in this period.  

Whats happened to the hardwood market?

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