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Sat Aug 16 17:27:40 EST 1997

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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:
> Bruce Wilkey wrote:
> > Charles Samuels wrote:

> > > I wonder if we can get the lumber pressure treated with spotted owl
> > > grease.
> > And maybe a Spotted Owl will fly up your nose and poop on your adenoids
> > giving you the semblance of having brains
> One reason I've always like being the forestry profession is the
> wonderful sense of humor in both our proponents and our enemies. Having
> been on the fringes of the profession since I'm actually proud to call
> myself an "environmentalist forester", I can see and appreciate the
> great wit on both sides.

And the real howler, of course, is the environmentalist side of the
argument referring to owl poop, apparently in total oblivion of the fact
that owls don't poop.  They regurgitate "owl pellets" containing the 
undigestible portions of their prey, while the cloaca is limited to
service as oviduct, urinary tract and mating organ.

Owl pellets are neat little dry bundles of fur and bones.  If you keep
your eyes out for them in the wild, you'll run across one sooner or later.
They're really unmistakable once you see one.

Public policy really is being made by people who know nothing of the
subject matter.  It is so *hard* to convince someone with an opinion
that they really don't know anything about the subject.

-- Larry

Cave ab homine unius libri!  (never more true than on this topic)

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