Rookie High School Ecology Teacher Needs Help!!!

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Sun Aug 17 18:25:01 EST 1997


Try your State Forest Agency or the State Extension Service.
 Here in NC the State Forest Service and Forest Industries 
have a program called Project Learning Tree (PLT).  PLT has
course outlines for 1st grade through high school.  The
local State Forest Service office has what is called a PLT
tree trunk which is a box with the course outlines, videos
and other items to use in the teaching process.  The trunk
can be checked out by any teacher at no charge.


Todd Druen <tdruen at> wrote in article
<33f7b534.4333464 at>...
: I am looking for info in my content area.  I teach 5
sections of
: Junior level Ecology.  I know that the materials are out
there but I
: do not know the procedure in obtaining them.  I have heard
: companies and corporations have videos that they loan out
or give to
: teachers for use in their classroom, I just do not know
how to get
: them.  I am looking for any ideas, pamphlets, brochures,
: transparencies, or videos.  I would appreciate any help
that you can
: offer.
: Thank you.
: Todd Druen
: tdruen at

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