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Guaranteed by a Prime Dutch Bank in the Netherlands.
You become the owner of teaktrees on the plantation. When the trees are 
felled and sold you can count on high revenues.

A yearly return on investment of 25% is a conservative estimate. 
Helping to save the tropical rainforest makes it even more worthwhile.
When you choose for the Somanya Forest Project, you will not only obtain 
a considerable profit, but you will also contribute to a better 

Wood with a conscience: the future.

It's going down with the tropical rainforest. It's a fact that yearly 
about 20 million hectare is being destroyed. If it continues this way, it would mean that 
after 40 till 50 years the tropical rainforest has been disappeared. As a result half 
of all plants and animal species on earth would become instinct, not to mention the 
serious consequences for the climate.

This has to end!

Alternatives are needed to effectively stop the deforestation. Many 
Organisations are also fighting to save the tropical rainforest.

Longterm production of wood, like woodplantations, contribute to the 
protection of the tropical forest in a way which is good for the environment. With 
the help of the Somanya Forest Project you can make an active contribution to a 
greener future. 
After all nature is also your business.

The Somanya Forest Project: what is it all about?

The Somanya Forest Project is a professional forestry project in Ghana.
On vertile land of 1000 hectares a plantation of teaktrees has been set 
up at this time. 
The site is located nearby the village of Somanya, south of Lake Volta. 
The project is carried out by Bonsuvonberg Farms Ltd., also owners of 
the land. 
This firm has joint Dutch and Ghanian management and takes care of the
planting, maintenance, felling and sale of the teaktrees.

Felling of the trees takes place in four successive stages; 
after 8, 12, 16 and 20 years. In a relative short time a attractive 
profit will be obtained from the sale of the wood.

The project is under scientific supervision of the 
Forestry Research Department of the University of Kumasi. 

These experts look after the environmental and forestry technical 
The project is also supported by the Forestry Department of the 
Goverment of Ghana. An official license for the aforestation and 
commercial felling has already been assigned. With other words the teakplantation 
is professionaly and ecologically operated.

What has the project to offer (you)?

The Somanya Forest Project offers the possibility to make an active 
contribution to improve the environment. Woodplantations are a good environmental alternative 
for the at random felling of the tropical forest. For the local population it also means 
more employment.

For you the project offers an interesting possibility to invest with 
high capital gains. 
By investing approximately $13.000 you rent a plot of half a hectare for 
20 years and become the owner of the 800 teaktrees planted on it. The trees will be 
felled and sold for you in four different stages. the first felling will already takes 
place after 8 years. 
The second, third and fourth stage after respectively 12, 16 and 20 

The realistic estimated revenues rise conserdirably over the years and 
finally result in a return on investment of approximately 25% a year. 

The revenues at this return on investment amount to approximately 
The maintenance,as well as the felling of the trees and the sale is 
executed completely by Bonsuvonberg Farms ltd. 

A solid investment

To offer you full security various measures have been taken to make your 
investment a solid one. Apart from renting the plot, you will also become owner of 
the trees on your plot. Whatever happens, you remain owner of the teaktrees (which value 
will only increase) for the full 20 years. This is your garantee.

Verification of the revenues of the sale of the wood takes place by a 
independent international accounting firm. You will be informed of activities and 
developments on the plantation by means of a extensive annual report. This gives you 

You as an investor will always be welcome to visit the plantation. 
We will love to show you around.

Do you want more security? A foundation, in which investors are 
represented, represents the interests of you as an investor. This foundation checks the process of 
the project.
This guarantees the continuity and offersyou full security and guarantee 
your position as an investor.


Ghana is situated at the goldcoast of West Africa. it is a country with 
a rich history and it is more than 6 times the size of the Netherlands. The country has 
15,5 million habitants. It is one of the politically stable countries in Afrika with 
an established democracy.
Great natural wealth is present in the form of gold, manganese ore and 
The country is known as the third largest exporting country of cacao in 
the world.

The south, where the Somanya Forest Project is situated, has 2 rainy 
reasons. The climate is tropical and rainful. One of the main export products is wood. This 
is the most important reason why the tropical rainforest in Ghana has been reduced with 75% 
during the last 25 years (from 80.000 square kilometers down to 19.000 square kilometers)! Also 
the Netherlands imports for a very important part hardwood from Ghana. The government of 
Ghana tries with strict measures to save the last tropical forest.

In short: invest now!

To take part in the Somanya Forest Project is a solid and profitable 
The trees keep on growing and will in the longterm form a first class 
return on investment for every investor. A return on investment with no taxes 
You will hardly find that anywhere.

In short, when you decide to take part in the Somanya Forest Project you 
will not only ensure a lasting green future, but you will also obtain a major 
return on investment.
A unique possibility to contribute actively to a healthy environment is 

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