Design testbed for symbiotic systems?

gg at gg at
Tue Aug 19 05:41:26 EST 1997

Hi i don't know if you can help but here is
the question.
I have been working on a theme park
project and have to evaluate efficiency
methodology for subsystems. Symbiotic
systems are one of the considerations.
Symbiotic systems offer a way to group
biologically compatible organisms to share
an environment and produce a positive
change from the holistic view point. I would
be grateful if you can suggest studies or on
going research in this field with
a promise to credit the research group.
To get at an idea of the area in question
look at the plan for a floating theme
parks project at:  if you
click on the word theme park it should
bring up the plan in question.
Thank you in advance
George Galustian.
gg at

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