Mushroom agroforestry, eh, not yet.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Aug 20 04:42:19 EST 1997

Michael Hagen wrote:

> Woods grown ginseng in the west seems to be a challenge. We've got
> slugs, fungus, dry heat, wet heat, snow, dry cold, dank Springs,
> blowdown, boomers, squirrels, deer, elk and entrepreneur harvesters to
> contend with along with being at the beginning of the learning curve.
> Out here no one's done it in the woods, for very long.  I grew up where
> the stuff was wild and you picked it for spending money but it was
> already rare in the '60s. I'm trying it now, but its definitely
> experimantel. I want to have done it for a few years, in a few different
> ways before I recommend it as a landowners option.
> Mike H.

So is ginseng really an aphrodesiac? Come on now, tell us the truth;
from your own experiences. <G>
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