Mushroom agroforestry

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Thu Aug 21 03:40:59 EST 1997

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> This sounds very interesting.  Where did you get the truffle spawn and
> how did you inoculate the trees?

I found a PNW supplier, dwheeler at (Daniel Wheeler) who provided
a Douglas Fir innoculant package consisting of martellia brunnescens, 
hymenogaster parksii, barrsia oregonensis, and what he lists as "tuber
sps."  I used a slurry innoculation technique, and simply dipped the
seedlings in a 5-gallon bucket filled with slurry before planting them.

Daniel posts to bionet.mycology from time to time, and his posts on this
subject are well worth retrieving from deja news.( 
if you're not familiar with the archive service.)

Not only is there a potential for a crop of highly prized mushrooms, but
the mycorrhizal association should (at least theoretically) help seedling
survival and growth.  

I think there might also be a chance that beneficial fungi can suppress 
destructive fungi that cause root rot and various log defects.   This is 
just my own guess, but it makes sense to me.  If I'm totally wrong, I'll
find out about it some day, if I live that long.

-- Larry

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