New biotechnology developments in Asia

John Pietrzyk jpietrzyk at
Thu Aug 21 12:38:25 EST 1997

Biotechnology Transfer Service=92s Affiliates in the Philippines and=20
Indonesia have filed detailed reports on biotechnology developments in
those two countries. Recent developments in the other Asian countries
follow their report summaries.  Their reports can be found under the
=93Breaking News=94 section of the =93What=92s New=94 link at

REPORT 1: (July 12, 1997) Symposium on National Agenda for Global
Competitiveness on Biotechnology held by the Biotechnology Association
of the Philippines, Inc. (BAPI) in cooperation with the Department of
Trade and Industry (DTI) on June 20, 1997 - Manila Philippines

REPORT  2:  UNIDO  Consultative Meeting on State of the Art and Future
Directions for Philippine Biotechnology   July 3-4, 1997   Makati City

REPORT  3: The Indonesian Biotechnology Conference: Challenges of
Biotechnology in the 21st Century June 17-19, 1997 Jakarta,
Indonesia.    The recent Indonesian Biotechnology Conference was an
international scientific conference that focused on four main
topics:     1. Medical Biotechnology 2. Industrial Biotechnology 3.
Agricultural Biotechnology 4. Forestry Biotechnology

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