Mushroom agroforestry

Charles Samuels arktika at
Thu Aug 21 10:22:05 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote: I found a PNW supplier, dwheeler at
(Daniel Wheeler) who provided

> a Douglas Fir innoculant package consisting of martellia brunnescens,
> hymenogaster parksii, barrsia oregonensis, and what he lists as "tuber
> sps."  I used a slurry innoculation technique, and simply dipped the
> seedlings in a 5-gallon bucket filled with slurry before planting
> them.
> Daniel posts to bionet.mycology from time to time, and his posts on
> this
> subject are well worth retrieving from deja
> news.(
> if you're not familiar with the archive service.)
> Not only is there a potential for a crop of highly prized mushrooms,
> but
> the mycorrhizal association should (at least theoretically) help
> seedling
> survival and growth.
> I think there might also be a chance that beneficial fungi can
> suppress
> destructive fungi that cause root rot and various log defects.   This
> is
> just my own guess, but it makes sense to me.  If I'm totally wrong,
> I'll
> find out about it some day, if I live that long.

Thanks for the information Larry.  I will check it out.  I have a small
plantation of Lodgepole and other pines and wonder if there is someway
of inocculating existing trees.

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