Flagging/marking trees

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Aug 25 15:26:34 EST 1997

david decker wrote:
> Is there a general color code for marking trees for defining a boundary,
> trees to cut and for trees to not cut?   I have seen trees along a
> property boundary marked in red paint and had been told that pink
> florescent tape could be used to flag trees to not cut..

Boundary paint is a different kind of paint, with heavier viscosity than
timber marking paint and should last longer. Many foresters use paint
from the Nelson Paint company. I don't think they have a web address,
but the Ben Meadows Company sells the stuff and they're at
http://benmeadows.com/. I suggest the red boundary paint as it is the
most visible to me. Here in Mass., the state uses blue on their

> If some trees were flagged at chest height with pink florescent tape
> along a fence boundary, is it unreasonable to expect loggers to not cut
> them?

If that's what you want and you put it in a contract with a performance
penalty... etc., or you could hire a forestry consultant or get a county
forester to handle much of the details- which will more likely keep you
out of trouble. Timber marking paint comes in several colors. I use the
bright orange which stands out in the dense green jungles of New

> I have also seen trees in U.S forest areas in East Texas marked with
> green paint.  Is this woodpecker habitat?

You can use any colors you want. Whatever turns you on- as long as the
loggers know what it means. Put it in the contract. This newsgroup's
resident Texan forester, Don Staples, can anwser the habitat question.
Go for it Don. <G>

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