deer problems

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Tue Aug 26 02:26:57 EST 1997

 for supper?  i thought we were on the agroforestry page, not the great
white hunter / killer page....

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Nick Ananin wrote in article <01bcb1a3$547e9a20$d9527ec2 at default>...

:Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland
:Charles Samuels <arktika at> wrote in article
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:> JIMSRBOSS wrote:
:> > We have a ranch in Oregon and are having problems with deer coming
:> > into
:> > our living garden area and eating our rose bushes.  They are also
:> > scraping
:> > bark off  the new ornamental trees. We own a considerable amount of
:> > forested land and have created habitats for these animals.  Is there
:> > any
:> > way to control  them from coming into our areas without fencing?  I
:> > would
:> > appreciate any suggestions.
:>    Have you thought about having them for supper?

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