Flagging/marking trees

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Aug 27 10:46:37 EST 1997

david decker wrote:
> Is there a general color code for marking trees for defining a boundary,
> trees to cut and for trees to not cut? 

Timber companies use specific colors in Texas to  mark boundaries.  No
specific color for sales marking or preserve trees.  Usually, the colors
are generally mentioned in the cutting contract or agreement.

  I have seen trees along a
> property boundary marked in red paint and had been told that pink
> florescent tape could be used to flag trees to not cut..
> If some trees were flagged at chest height with pink florescent tape
> along a fence boundary, is it unreasonable to expect loggers to not cut
> them?

No, it is reasonable to assume the will cut the flagged trees if it is
not in the contract.  Texas generally prevents cutting of marked land
lines or corners, that should include flaggin, but flagging comes done
to easy for loggers.

> I have also seen trees in U.S forest areas in East Texas marked with
> green paint.  Is this woodpecker habitat?

Yep, the "Berlin Wall" of birding are those green painted circles around
a Red Cockaded Woodpecker colony.

> Thanks for info.

My pleasure.

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