Headwaters Forest Video Available

catherine yronwode cat at luckymojo.com
Thu Aug 28 00:45:37 EST 1997

Charles Samuels wrote:
> catherine yronwode wrote:
> > Headwaters Action Video Collective has just released a half-
> > hour documentary/organizing feature about the ancient 
> > forests of Northern California. "Headwaters '97 -- Call to 
> > Action" details the 1996 direct action campaign to save 
> > Headwaters, from the massive rally on September
> > 15th, featurng Judi Bari's stirring speech and the arrests 
> > of 1033 children, women, and men, to aerial footage of 
> > amazing beauty and incredible destruction. This report bears 
> > grim witness to MAXXAM's clearcutting of the magnificent 
> > Headwaters old-growth redwood ecosystem, which has provoked 
> > unprecented resistance among a growing multitude of 
> > dedicated forest conservationists.
> And of course this video is for sale.  Right?

The Mendocino Environmental Center (106 West Standley, Ukiah, CA;
707-468-1660) has copies available. Call them for details; i think they
request a donation, which is on a "sliding scale" pay-what-you-can
basis. (I, the poster, am not selling this video, nor am i a member or
affiliate of the MEC -- in fact i live in another county in California.)

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