Mycorrhizal inoculation

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Wed Aug 27 23:51:13 EST 1997

	Recently there has been much data exchanged regarding mycorrhizal
fungi, especiall Rhizopogon, Martellia, Hymenogaster and Tuber sps.   It
must be noted that there is a strong correlation between age of trees and
mycorrhizal fungi associated with these trees.	   In July Charles
Levebre examined late-fruiting Tubers at a Clackamas County tree farm.
Specifically, Charles was examining rootlets near where fruiting Tuber
giganteum were found. Charles later e-mailed me that although Tubers were
indeed found, the rootlets near the fruiting bodies were inoculated with
mycorrhizae of Rhizopogons.    I use several species of mycorrhizal fungi
as indicator species for appropriate Tuber inoculation.      I must add
that I add something to my slurry to obtain Tuber spore germination.
Without this addition, which stimulates germination of ascospores of some
Tuber species, it is unlikely they will germinate.    To date, I have
inoculated 4 sites. Three of the four sites has already produced
truffles. The fourth site has not produced truffles yet, but it was
inoculated only this year. Generally, truffles start to form within 1-2
years after inoculation, at least with native Pacific Northwest Tuber
species.     I am unaware of any other successful Pacific Northwest Tuber
inoculations at this time.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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