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>Headwaters Action Video Collective has just released a half-hour
>documentary/organizing feature about the ancient forests of Northern
>California. "Headwaters '97 -- Call to Action" details the 1996 direct
>action campaign to save Headwaters, from the massive rally on September
>15th, featurng Judi Bari's stirring speech and the arrests of 1033
>children, women, and men, to aerial footage of amazing beauty and
>incredible destruction. This report bears grim witness to MAXXAM's
>clearcutting of the magnificent Headwaters old-growth redwood ecosystem,
>which has provoked unprecedted resistance among a growing multitude of
>dedicated forest conservationists. 
>Designed as a tool for organizers, this video contains important
>information about the coming rally to save Headwaters Forest that will
>be held on Sunday, September 14th, 1997, in Carlotta, California. It is
>suitable to use for ecological fund-raising, educational outreach, and
>showing on public access television. 
>Copies can be obtained from the Mendocino Environmental Center, 106 W.
>Standley St., Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 468-1660. 

	Perhaps you, or someone else reading this, can fill in a few
blanks for me.

	Years ago, I lived in the tiny No. California community of
Fortuna - about 30 miles south of Eureka.  At that time, the Sierra
Club had published a book entitled "The Last of the Redwoods",
a copy of which is still in my library.

	With all the conservation and preservation activity that
was so very prevalent in those days - early '70s - I'd have thought
the ancient redwoods were well and truly saved.

	From some of the horror stories I've heard over the past
couple of years, it seems my assumption was quite wrong.

	What went wrong?  	

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