This message is a non-commercial request for help on my research

JMJ jarriel at
Thu Aug 28 20:46:53 EST 1997

Marco van Dongen wrote:

> This message is a non-commercial request for help on my research
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> My name is Marco van Dongen and i am accounting student
> at the University of Maastricht (UM) in the Netherlands.
> To graduate i have to write a thesis. My thesis deals with
> the Internet and therefore i use this medium to address
> as many people as possible.
> Are you going to write about wiping ass before sex, shitstains on a
> bed after sex or making a bird orgasm? Apparently you have come to the
> right place.
> I am going to write my thesis about the commercial use of
> the Internet. My focus will be on planning and implementing
> activities. What problems do you come across. What are the
> positive and what are the negative aspects. The paper will
> NOT be a technical paper. The paper will deal with the question
> how to deal/manage a growing load of information.

The only way to deal with the info on this site is to burn it

> I am looking for people to give me suggestions for literature,
> articles. People that work for companies and have first hand
> experiences. Research already been done by people. Companies that
> are willing to participate in a little research by questionaire
> send on email. Or anything that could possibly be of any help to me.
> Please respond to me on email.
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> Thanks
> Marco van Dongen

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