Headwaters Forest Video Available

kats kats at prcn.org
Sun Aug 31 01:34:30 EST 1997

Tibetbud wrote in article <19970830040901.AAA20941 at ladder01.news.aol.com>...

:well what about the clear cutting in your area?  what are YOU doing about
:it?  at least those folks in california are doing something.  that appears
:to be more than you are doing.
what am I doing about clearcutting?  I hope I am deterring some poor logging

i guess you don't realize that as a consultant, my opinion counts for

(although, on paper it is nothing)

We (here in BC) are working at improving our logging practices - they have
improved drastically since 1996 even...

To be quite honest, I don't mind clearcutting - as long as it is responsibly
maintained.....  THAT IS WHAT I AM HERE FOR =  tree guardian  :)

The VQO (visual quality objectives) is real hard to meet in some areas, but
we (they) manage.....

wow- do i sound pro logger or what :)

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