Hectares and acres

Anders Axelsson anders.axelsson at eu.pnu.com
Mon Dec 1 02:44:50 EST 1997

punoczka at inforamp.net wrote in article 
> When did Europeans start replacing the decimal point with a comma?
> Why did they do this?
> I would just like to know who started this stupid idiotic practice.
> It is definitely an idea which should be killed.
> It looks like part of one of the worst ideas every foisted upon 
> the practical working world,  namely the Systeme Internationale.
> Years ago Canada went metric but the clowns in charge of it proceeded
> to introduce the worst possible version of metric,  namely the Systeme
> Internationale which was apparently originated by extraterrestrial
> scientist-clowns who were expelled from their own home planet.

I`m slightly at loss to understand why you feel this strongly about the
decimal comma .Could you kindly explain why it is"stupid,idiotic",please.


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