Fill oak cavities

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>I have read that cavities should be clean out and filled with concrete (see  what is the current>thinking about

Adding concrete does nothing but let the tree owner feel like they did someting
to help the tree.  Unfortunately, it often accelerates tree decay as well,
since concrete holds moisture and causes conditions to be even better for
future decay.  The bad news is that once a tree is hollow, you should cut it
down and plant a new one as soon as possible.   Often, you can let it go for
quite a while before you run into structural problems.  The problem is, you
don't know when that is going to happen, and what or who it is going to fall on
when it does give way (an insurance nightmare).

Remember that the tree can look quite healthy.  This has nothing to do with
whether  it will fall down, since the dead part of the tree (the wood) is what
is holding it up.  Only the outer layers of the wood near the bark, the roots,
the  leaves, and new shoots are alive in a tree.  The rest is dead tissue that
can rot without effecting the live "health" of the tree.  If the tree is in the
woods, away from houses and people, leave it alone.  It will provide excellent
habitat for animal dens.

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