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Mon Dec 1 21:18:52 EST 1997

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          Subject: Tallgrass Prairie Birds
          As some of you know, there is a new unit in the
          National Park system, the first in Kansas, the
          Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near
          Strong City KS. Work is beginning on the General
          Management Plan for this preserve, and your
          comments are NEEDED if this preserve is going
          to actually going to preserve tallgrass prairie,
          and tallgrass priaire birds. Let me explain.
          At present, the majority of the preserve is leased
          for cattle raising, and there is a fairly large
          contingent on the management board which
          is interested in making this preserve a monument
          to cattle ranching. Besides the fact that we
          certainly already have enough cattle ranches in
          Kansas and elsewhere, this management scheme would
          not preserve tallgrass prairie, or tallgrass
          prairie birds (which we don't have enough of).
          Currently the area is annually burned and heavily
          grazed in the early season. I was on the preserve
          last October, and saw evidence that this
          was overkill; we found Sprague's Pipits (5) on the
          prairie. Now, I know that most of you would like
          to see Sprague's Pipits, but I hope that most of
          you also know that these are short-grass birds,
          and have no business being on an alleged tallgrass
          preserve in any numbers. I think it is fair to say
          that the current management scheme, if continued,
          would preclude use of the area by tallgrass
          specific species such as Henslow's sparrow, and
          would also make the area into a population sink
          for such species as upland sandpiper and greater
          prairie chicken.
          How can you help? You can fill out the comment
          form and send it in to the management planning
          team. Forms (PDF and ASCII) and mailing
          information can be found on the Prairie Falcon

          Just go down to the table of contents and open the
          appropriate links.
          Please, if you value grassland birds, and if you
          want a true tallgrass
          prairie unit to be represented in your national
          park system, go to
          that site, print out the form, and send in your
          comments. Your children
          will thank you for it. And so will I.  Thanks

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