On Forest Valuation (Debate)

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> You done good, Joe...(used to be The Debate)
> You thought about your subject, created a plan of attack, debated logically
> item by item, did not get mad.....AND MADE EXCELLENT POINTS that make us dumb
> foresters proud.
> Like that style big guy,
> Steve Nix
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Speaking of different things, foresters who fail to take into account
mycorrhizal fungi may be dealing with only part of the whole.

Recently received news from a commercial truffle hunter near Salem,
Oregon. He reported 3 other truffle hunters coming out of private forest
with 35 gallons of Oregon White truffles, worth about $30 per pound
wholesale. These thieves harvested about 5-7 pounds per gallon, according
to my harvest records. That means they removed $30 x 35 x 5 in one day's
pick, or a total wholesale value of $5250 from a forester who didn't even
realize he was being robbed. I am currently selling these same truffles
for $115 per pound. The retail value of these truffles was thus $20,125.
Not a bad haul for a day's work for three thieves. I wonder how many
loggers make that kind of money in a day. Or foresters.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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