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Charles Samuels wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
> > A quote from "Purple Hearts and Ancient Trees", by Jay Gruenfeld
> >
> > CLEARCUTTING:  "....Like the ugly part of the birth of a baby,
> > clearcutting is a small part of the total life of a forest, just as
> > birth is a samll part of a total human life.  Unfortunately,
> > clearcutting can be viewed by the public, and can be a shocking sight
> > that makes some people so emotional that they fail to consider:  This
> > in
> > the long run is the best way to get the species back which will
> > produce
> > the most benefits for humankind.... The forest industry continues to
> > make too many oversized clearcuts in scenically sensitive areas-- but
> > they are improving."
>    Don, why do you post such stuff?  The greenies and tree huggers will
> will react only on an emotional level.

Truth has that effect on some.
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