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Tue Dec 2 19:24:21 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Paul Morgan wrote:
> >
> > Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <3481F9C6.50EA at>...
> > >Paul Morgan wrote:
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> > >> (BTW, please don't drive your car until a certified mechanic has approved
> > >> your maintenance plans, don't spend any money until your local, friendly
> > >> micro-economist has approved your personal budget, and don't get out of
> > bed
> > >> until your HMO has approved your diet-and-exercise plan.  After all,
> > we're
> > >> all in this together, right?)
> > >
> > >In Massachusetts I have to have my car inspected each year. Isn't it
> > >terrible that the government can force me to do this? Hey, if I want to
> > >drive around with a dangerous vehicle that might kill people, it's MY
> > >freedom to do so. <G>
> > >
> >
> > Nice try, Joe, but we are talking about the gubmint protecting us from how
> > we manage our own assets, not killing people.
> >
> > Paul
> But REALLY bad logging can cause fires and flooding or cut neighbors
> trees and cause a Hatfield and McCoy feuds with all you good old boys
> from New Hampshire. <G>
> I contend that having a forester involved is WORTH the cost, because a
> competant forester will assure you get a better price and avoid the
> worse case scenario problems.

But that same forester's opinion just may prevent humanity's life-saving
medication formulated from 10000 pine-weavels to be available to so
fewer select individuals (also imagine the profit lost to those
decendants of said land).

Please see posting of "...other $$$...another question"

 ---just because this originally started out as a political thread---


ps:  What does <G> mean?

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