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Joseph Zorzin wrote in message <34842543.BAF at>...
>But REALLY bad logging can cause fires and flooding or cut neighbors
>trees and cause a Hatfield and McCoy feuds with all you good old boys
>from New Hampshire. <G>

But these types of situations are adequately covered by civil litigation and
can be avoided anyway by minimal educational effort and supervision on the
part of the landowner.

>I contend that having a forester involved is WORTH the cost, because a
>competant forester will assure you get a better price and avoid the
>worse case scenario problems.

This may be the case for certain landowners (perhaps even a majority).  But
that doesn't change the fundamentals of the issue - the owner of the land
has the right to manage or mismanage their land free from the burden of Big
Forester.  Because my land is NOT community property.
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