Pepper Spray - Torture By Police

Marc Gumbyy at
Wed Dec 3 20:56:42 EST 1997

"kat" <kats at> said:

>:logging of the redwoods after WWII resulted in countless thousands of
>:homes being framed with redwood.  Naturally a number of homes built
>:for the loggers in the area would have been built with redwood.  And I
>:strongly suspect that Judy was simply living in a house that was built
>:with redwood long ago, probably in the 50s or 60s.

>well, judi, if you are living in a log/wood home, you are as much a part of
>the problem as the rest of the human race that  doesn't live in mud
>huts!!!!!  until you stop using RECYCLED paper, living in a WOODEN FRAME
>home, maybe you should wait before you cast stones -

What's wrong with buying a prime piece of land and living in the dwelling
that came with it?  It would be even more wasteful to dispose of the
pre-existing dwelling and build another, no matter how "natural" the
replacement is.

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