all forestry laws and rules should be put on the net by progressive gov. agencies!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Dec 4 09:24:42 EST 1997

But in lieu of the fact that they can't be bothered; I'll do it for

For many years I've had a copy of the Mass. forestry tax law chapter 61;
originally typed many years on a beat up old typewriter; barely legible
and of course who would want to read this?

So I used a friend's new scanner; scanned it in; applied some OCR
software which read it and turned it into a text tile; then I converted
that to HTML; then I jazzed it up with some color and now the dam thing
is ALMOST legible. <G>

I intend eventually to put up all the state forestry laws and rules and
regs. I have suggested this to the state forestry agency about a
trillion times; but they can't be bothered; too many meetings to go to;
so I'll do THEIR work for them; having the ONLY forestry web page in the
state of Taxachusetts.

The following is the URL to this law.

Comments anyone? This is not a finished product, I'll do some more
formatting on it; but dam, I LIKE it! And I'll have ALL the forestry
laws up by the end of the year.

But funny, when I recently applied for a state job, for a joke, a Mickey
Mouse office job at that; they told me I wasn't qualified. <G>

A copy of this usenet post is being cc:ed to my state Chief Forester,
Warren Archey, and faxed to my service foresters office and my state
representative, who so far seems unconcerned about my concerns about
state forestry backwardness. So, this guy (me) who didn't qualify for
the Mickey Mouse state job is doing the job that should be done by the
agency and/or the lame state house of representatives (with their 80
billion dollar budget) to bring this information to the information

"The only forestry web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of
"Earth's only online forestry journal containing essays from the cutting
edge- no pun intended"

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