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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Dec 4 06:59:24 EST 1997

jimi wrote:

(much deleted)

> I guess us IGNORANT, etc. property owners should elect to use foresters
> AND a number of other "professionals" in various sciences before making
> any valuation of a parcel.  Once again, I don't agree with
> "requiring...".
> What other professions with regard to property evaluation would be as
> important or more important than our friendly forester?

The best person to get is a highly qualified land appraiser who fully
understands the issues around forest appraisal and who will be able to
explain to you the real meaining of the values he gives you. It may be
that he will give you what he considers to be the "fair market value"
which doesn't mean you can't try to get a much higher price. The
appraisal isn't supposed to tell you what the maximum possible sale
price might me. But you need to be sure you fully understand what those
values mean under the given situation; which may vary depending on
location in the country and whether or not there is a viable local
forestry industry.

A friend of mine was a consulting forester for 15 or so years, then got
a real estate brokers license, then studied appraising, and eventually
earned his MAI which is like a PHD in the appraising business; and there
are very few foresters who have the ambition to do that. He now has a
great job with a large consulting firm traveling all over the eastern
half of the country doing appraisals on multi thousand acre properties
worth millions. Someone like really knows this matter from both sides.
Often however appraisers don't understand the forestry issues and
overlook the forestry values; so if you hire an appraisser you need to
ask what their attitude is about forestry values and their history and
involvement with forested land transactions.

Because forestry values have historically NOT been factored into real
estate appraisals in many parts of the country, it has been common
practice to STRIP the timber off the land before selling it; which is a
very good reason why appraissers should start considering these values.
My friend's firm has foresters on the payroll too, because there are so
few land appraisers who are also "forestmeisters".

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