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Michael Hagen wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
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> > Michael Hagen wrote:
> > >
> >
> > > > I agree that most foresters can't grade standing trees.
> > > snip good stuff>>
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> > > I hope that this hasn't become universal!  I've noticed over the years
> > > (and I've been cruising since 1970, before I got into riparian stuff)
> > > that, ahem, foresters from the four year schools were rather shall we
> > > say, inept when actually out in the woods. They often had interesting
> > > variation on their grade and defect calls, were hopelessly optimistic as
> > > far as sorts, and strained to close a traverse better than 1 in 90. 

I am rather curious on the statements you two have made, not that I
disagree, but, I have seldom found two graders that would grade the
same, all the time, and demand for a particular grade can change on a
particular day, and the sliding facters in grading changes from day to
day.  I can grade, but don't.  I found that the less you try to tell the
buyers of their business (how this cut will grade out) the better off
your sale will be. And, I have found, if you tell some one that a stand
is 40% #1, 40 % #2, and 20% #3 and it cuts out 36/36/28, your suspect,
even though the cutters may have maimed your grade by cutting tree
length rather than log length.  Not only suspect, but, by God, we want
the grade you promised!

I logged and milled before college, know a little about that, yet the
boys and girls buying now  know a hell of a lot more on todays grades
needed, than I do.  Do I try to keep up?  Sure, but each mill grades to
their own tastes, and which one am I to grade to today?  And, the last
time I told a mill that the #3 log they just tossed into the chip bin
would cut 40% #2 and better, they looked at me funny.

Of course that is in Texas, where wilderness is 75 year old second and
third growth pine, and those ancient forests were seedlings when dad was
a pup.

And have you noticed?  The new age forester is generally not from the
country, but a city boy/girl who wants to work with SMokey.  Country
folks can survive, and cruise, and grade, and log

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