Viva the forestry internet revolution! ---was: Death of Chat!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Dec 6 10:31:24 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> Im gonna push this chat thing till I get a group going.  There are too many
> people here that can BS fleas off a squirrel.  They know how to talk and have
> great potential for "live" discussion. The little Ive chatted with Nick has
> been fun (even though I talk behind his back with Don using the personal
> button).  Sorry Nick.

Wow, for a second, looking at the thread title, I thought you wasted
your chat room. And good thing you don't know what Don Staples and I
have been saying behind YOUR back with the personal button. [8-)

> Several Mining Company guides in other subjects have chatters from "6 am to 2
> am"...all day and into the night.
> Nick suggested I do this.  Ask some questions.  Get some feedback from
> agroforestry.  Get off my dead patoot!

Must be the porno rooms.

> I'll give you some food for thought;  and I will be sitting around tonight
> twiddling my fingers at 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern 12-08-97  to continue this
> discussion.  If you don't want to talk, just show up with a handle and don't
> talk.  Simple as that. I promise I'll only say hello once.....and I admit it is
> a little ackward with only two people and nothing to talk about.  But we are
> all grownups here.  Then there is Joe <ABG>

I don't EVER wanna grow up. My REAL name is Peter Pan.

> ------Go to
> ***Aside from a few I can count on one hand, does anyone want "live" chat or
> would you rather use the less demanding newsgroup exclusively?

Chatting is cool idea, but it's not in my opinion a good forum for
REALLY serious discussion; because not many people can't read and type
that fast while thinking hard. But you get MAJOR karma points for giving
it all the effort. I see a huge promotion in your future.

> ***Is the technology (a PC Pentium with Netscape 3.0 or IE 3.01) too advanced
> for most forestry subject chatters?

I don't believe we should worry about anyone who isn't up to snuff on
this. You can buy a pentium today with $1,000. If someone doesn't want
to spurge for that much, they're probably not serious contenders for
internet communication. Some web designers insist we should only do web
stuff up to HTML 1.0. Fooey to them. But 3.0 is the level to aim for. I
have found a few web sites that insist you acess it with IE 4.0. Too
early for that.

I think for serious discussion, the newsgroups are best; but the chat
idea is a good way to "interface" with others socially; like hanging out
at the bar; with some serious and some not so serious discussion- now if
only I can stop being so serious.

> Anything else you can think of let her rip...

Keep plugging away. We as a group I think really are the cutting edge of
forestry on this planet; despite Don Baccus's put down. We are trying
out different ways to communicate here in the Global Village. They're
all good. The problem seems to be that the dozen or so of us are the
only ones who really take notice. We try to reach out to the masses of
forestry type people with great effort, but get frustrated when we don't
get the massive response we feel we deserve. It's like we (the forestry
"dozen") are up walking is space around our internet spaceship, looking
down at the planet wondering why everyone else isn't so excited about
this stuff; but we're having fun anyways. Some day the rest of the
forestry world will see us as the Daniel Boone types going up over the
Cumberland Gap to the new frontier.

And it's utterly incomprehensible why (I've said this before of course)
all the "big whigs" in the profession DO NOT CONTRIBUTE to this
experimentation. They will eventually of course and they'll claim the
credit and give each other awards for their interent creativity at the
SAF and Ivory Tower meetings. I guess when you get your fat pay check
for doing the same old bullshit that you've been doing for 30 years, why

Unfortunately, the forestry profession for decades has been a
reactionary group; attacked by the environmentalists and only feabily
responding; the bureaurats in their ruts seldom doing anything creative;
the industry foresters working their tails off for modest pay and too
busy for this fun stuff; the professors haven't a clue about the real

"The only forestry web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of
"Earth's only online forestry journal containing essays from the cutting
edge- no pun intended"

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