CO2 and forestry

Jamie Simpson jamessim at
Fri Dec 5 23:33:34 EST 1997

Last I heard, you needed quite large increases in CO2 to achieve any significant
yield increase.  Of course, this leads to greater CO2 fixation.  However, I
don't think that this would lead to a decrease in atmospheric CO2.  The increase
in greenhouse gas would not be offset by increased fixation.  The planet will
warm up and we'll all die anyways.  At least that's what is said in the
newspapers.  In the mean to your plants.  They won't talk back and a
little extra CO2 in the immediate vicinity of our green friends might help.

Lars Andersen wrote:

> A Danish tomato-producer took the CO2 from his powerplant-chimney and put it
> into his greenhouse with little tomatoplants. They got crazy with delight
> and outgrew their companions, next door, with more than 30%, in kilo
> delivered tomatoes ! What perspectives for the forestry ! If only I had a
> little more CO2 for my trees !  Lars A


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