Brett Nodello v7re at
Sun Dec 7 01:26:33 EST 1997

I think another major problem is education in the earlier years.  Until
I reached university all I heard in school was how "evil" the forest
industry was.  I have young family members that yell at me when they
find out that I will be responsible for cutting down trees.  Until
university I had never seen both sides of the coin because there were no
industry representatives to give the other side of the story.  Children
are fed material that is provided to schools.  A lot of environmental
groups send propagada to elementary schools and high schools.  I think
this is great as everyone should be aware of the environmental problems
that we are faced with today.  The forest industry should also provide
information though.  The best way to teach students in my opinion is to
give them the information and let them decide for themselves.  Just my
opinion of course.

Brett Nodello

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