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> Please would you advise on any literature which details cultivation of
> morels and others, in forest environments.

I have not widely published this data, but I have cultivated several
species of fungi and truffles on forest lands. These include Oregon White
truffle (Tuber gibbosum Harkn.), Oregon Gray truffle (Tuber giganteum
Gilkey), Oregon Pallid truffle (Tuber murinum Hesse), California Black
truffle (Tuber californicum), Black morel (Morchella angusticeps),
Shiitake (Lentinulla edodes), Blewit (Lepista nuda), Shaggy Parasol
(Lepiota rhacoides), Orange Milkcap (Lactarius deliciosus), Amethyst
Laccaria (Laccaria amethystina-occidentalis), Common Laccaria (Laccaria
laccata), Cracked-Cap bolete (Boletus chrysenteron), Oregon Black truffle
(Leucangium carthusiana), and bunches of other fungi. I haven't figured
out why more people haven't tried to cultivate these.

For example, it was recently shown that a single .5 cm segment on rootlet
could host 7 different species of mycorrhizal fungus. And as partial
confirmation of that statement, today I collected Leucangium carthusiana
(Oregon Black truffle) and Tuber gibbosum Harkn. (Oregon White truffle)
with the same trees.

Since I have been more interested in cultivation than in marketing, I
have found that selling the product is far more difficult than actual

Daniel B. Wheeler

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