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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Dec 7 09:35:46 EST 1997

Charles Samuels wrote:
> Paul Morgan wrote:
> > This may be the case for certain landowners (perhaps even a
> > majority).  But
> > that doesn't change the fundamentals of the issue - the owner of the
> > land
> > has the right to manage or mismanage their land free from the burden
> > of Big
> > Forester.  Because my land is NOT community property.
> Well!  you just wait.  Because soon it will be community property if the
> Zorzins of the world have their way.  And right now they are winning.

Well, ya gotta realize NOT to take seriously everything I say here. {8-)

No, I don't really think any law should FORCE landowners to act
INTELLIGENT by retaining a forester to help them manage their land. But
it's unfortunate that the vast majority of private forest land in
America is NOT managed and is actually MISMANAGED. If all this land WAS
properly managed, then the economic output (which all good conservatives
love to hear about) of the land would easily triple; benefiting
EVERYONE. No, not MANAGING your forest is like having your money
invested in a very poorly yielding stock or bond.

The landowners around here in western Mass. who seek out foresters the
MOST are also people who have made themselves fortunes by smartly
investing their wealth and smartly MANAGING it.

One reason that so many landowners are DENSE about this issue is that
there are armies of people on state and federal payrolls (bureaucracies)
who are SUPPOSSED to be reaching out to landowners to EDUCATE them on
this subject; but who mostly do NOTHING of the kind; with a few
exceptions like Steve Nix of Alabama and his very cool web page and his
other efforts in his daily work that we haven't even heard about; and of
which nothing of the kind is happening around the rest of the country.

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