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> Been there, done that.
> My situation right now could look like that to a consultant.  I was telling one
> of my consultant buddies today that we were backing off of bid sales because we
> had enought winter wood to keep our producers busy.  To buy wood at todays
> prices that we can't cut till June would be suicide.  So were now trying to
> pimp some summer tracts.  <g>

Here in Texas prices turn up in spring, to fill the log pile for the
year, companies get their annual procurement budgets in Sept Oct, start
buyin in early Dec for the year, stacking the deck as it were.  i get a
premium on winter wood, but my best prices come in early spring.  And
here lately there is no uniform pattern on price structure.  I am not
real sure if the shut downs on the west coast have just gotten to us or
what, but our southern pine is well up.  I had one old mill man predict
that SYP  could be at $1000.00  per thousand by the year 2000.  A dollar
a board foot, now THEN I could make a living! We are at just under $600
for the moment, so I guess I can dream.
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