Today's Forests Lack Color

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Dec 7 20:20:43 EST 1997

> I do believe there is a distinct problem with the lack of minorities involved
> in natural resources.  When I was attending a state school in the west there
> were only a handful of minorties attending the natural resources school and if
> I recall correctly, all of them were exchange students or foreign students from
> Africa.  I agree that most minorities tend to be centered in urban areas.  For
> this reason I think they miss the opportunities to explore the national forests
> that many rural people have.  I believe that groups like 4-H and the boy scouts
> contribute significantly to an appreciation of natural resources but these tend
> to be focused in rural areas.  How would you recommend we go about introducing
> minorities (who seem to uninterested for the most part) to the wonders of the
> natural world?

Well, around here is a nudist colony called Birch Acres, up in the
mountains. <G>
(sorry, bad joke)

-actually they called me once to discuss forestry- I wasn't sure if I
was suppossed to disrobe berfore I entered the office- unfortunately it
was the off season

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