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Mon Dec 8 16:32:52 EST 1997

>> I noted in the field next to me, the corn did not do as well during dry
>> years.  It stretched as far as the root system of the trees.  It looked like
>> the trees were taking the moisture from the corn.  I think you'll find that
>> shade is more of a culprit than the lack of dryness.
>> RDW
Can a thicko ask a question?  I understand how different folks have
different problems but I can't imagine there ever being a time when
farmers do not benefit from edging fields with ditches.  Trees should
grow both sides of the ditch but root problems affecting crops are
minimised cos the roots go under the ditch for moisture, not out into
the field.  You could have a field 700 feet square surrounded with
willows in which nothing will grow cos the whole soil area is taken up
with roots.

Further, as all know, trees get to a state of maturity then go downhill.
You should tween plant at about 40 years for most species then cut most
away leaving one or two (per cent in a big wood) for shade, habitat,
seed, etc.  Selling the timber meanan now plant more saplings than ever
(to allow for wasteage) between the tween planted trees now 40 years
old.  Obviously it is better to do some planting every decade, (replant
a seventh, cull a seventh), plus have some coppice.  (No-one with a wood
should ever buy a fence or a stave).  

So, the question is, what has gone wrong here?  Could it be that the
windbreak is pines, (topsoil roots), ancient trees maybe that encroached
onto land never to be pushed back?  Maybe a ditch got filled in.  Maybe
the area is a dust bowl and only the field is watered/mulched/fed.  In
any event the wood is a living thing.  

A wind break is a canvas on poles on the beach!  A wind break wood
should be worked and provide it's crops too.  For too many this is just
carp fishermen using a pond or pheasant rearing, shooting. etc.  Having
a proper cycle in the wood provides a regular income and perpetuates
through re-planting.  Such woods should never be allowed to choke up.
(Cycle means cropping not riding a bike [G].)

Live long & prosper & I really do expect to be told what I don't know
here as I don't believe anyone here is dim.   Regards,  Les Ballard
(beth or les or fludd or keeper)

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