Asian Long-Horned Beetle -- SIDETRACKED

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Tue Dec 9 13:55:05 EST 1997

Anders Axelsson wrote:
> Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
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> > Hmmmm.... The dowside of foreign trade, along side of course with losing
> > millions of working class jobs; but on the upside America's ultra rich
> > will get even richer, and then SOMEDAY some of that wealth will trickle
> > down to we "untermenschen".
> >
> Don`t be so gloomy! You can do great things--how about putting a man on the
> Moon?!
> AA


In general it is the not-so-well-to-do that most benefit from foreign
products because they are generally cheaper.  What a delemna!  Morally,
we may not agree with slave labor, etc. from some foreign country, but
by restricting trade, taxing, etc. we generally only punish the private
U.S. citizens that want to buy those cheap products.

Hey, this is a subject for an entirely different newsgroup.


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