Asian Long-Horned Beetle

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>BREW wrote:
>> The Asian Long-Horned Beetle opened the eyes of many here in Vermont.  The
>> sugarmakers appear to be the most concerned.I have heard little comment
>> from others involved in the forest products industry.
>> The article in Journal of Forestry seems to say that Vermont would be at
>> the edge of the Long Horned-Beetles range. If some beetles are to make it
>> too Vermont they won't be able to survive an old-fashion winter here in the
>> North Country.  Any comments?

and Der Forestmeister commented:
>How does it injure the tree? Just eating foliage or attacking the bark
>and wood? Is is likely to just be a pest or wipe out the maples?

It enters the heartwood, and descriptions I've read have said that the trunks
and limbs are honeycombed.  It weakens the tree quickly.

>Hmmm... I've got to talk to a friend who is an arborist and see what he
>says about this issue. Sugar maple is a very important species here in
>western Mass.
I found a web site with a picture of the ugly critter, and some information on

and an alert, with life cycle and other details, that  APHIS put out in
September 1996 can be found at:

I haven't found anything recent, however, and hope that someone will summarize
the Journal of Forestry article that Steve mentioned.

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