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Not to drag this on, but if I remember right Don doesn't have access to
alt.forestry where this was beaten sufficiently to death, but...

Don Staples wrote in message <3486E6A7.2D4F at>...
>I am not real sure where this circle is going, but, no private
>consulting forester wants a government directive ordering the landowner
>to use their services.

Your buddy Joe does.  That is the very point I objected to in the beginning.

>If your competent and capable of doing the full job of forestry, have at
>it.   Got your herbicid certification?  Got your law books on
>environmental restrictions?  Loggers and millers know you by reputation
>and name?  Know how to establish site index, basal area, cut rate, cost
>projections, etc? Know the tax laws? Keep up with the literature
>effecting practices?  Annual updates by the powers that be (state

Yes, no, maybe (in no particular order).  If I'm over my head, I'll hire a
forester.  Maybe even Joe if he does field trips.  We could retrace some of
HDT's footsteps from his visit to Mount Katahdin on the way by.  (seriously)

Do you belong to the  organizations that defends your private
>and individual rights in the halls of Congress and the state

Not as many as I should.

>Your Big Forester is the government, and not necessarily a forester, but
>some burro in EPA, DEM, TNRC (aka, Train Wreck, Texas Natural REsource
>Commission), Air and Water Quality, Archaeologlical Commission,, ad

I promised that if I uncover anything archaeological, I'll rebury it VERY
CAREFULLY and VERY DEEP to keep it nice and safe.

>And most folks hire the other professionals after they have tried the
>home remedy, found out that it is a civil case and not criminal, and
>generally gotten deeper in the hole.  Except in forestry, the mistakes
>don't show up for years, and you can be smug and happy about saving the
>6 or 15 percent until the next sucker buys your property.
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I promise to drop the subject now...

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