Today's Forests Lack Color

dennis g garcia dengar at
Wed Dec 10 12:16:00 EST 1997

> ...but should the USFS obligate themselves to missionary work to bring
> people
> into the woods based on the color of their skin.  Are you suggesting
> this be a
> major push using significant dollars from S&PF?
> >  So it's obvious--to me,
>  anyway--that there are
> >sufficient funds for state and national forest
> > efforts in urban forestry.
> I see much more of a need for outreach to minority landowners who
> desperately
> need silvicultural and marketing advice....IMHO Thats the place for
> S&PF..
If the agency is succeed in the future, we much secure the support of
all those that use or may use the forests in the future.  Our challenge
is to
seek their understanding of the national and private forests, to provide
environmental education and awareness, and to preserve this natural
Most of all we need to ask them what they understand and what they
want.  I
know that we are limited in our efforts because of funding.
There are not very many opportunities to provide dollars for 
these efforts.  We must seek solutions and look at new ways of
completing our
mission. As you point out, we too must work with the states and private
owners and assist them.   
Dennis Garcia

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